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Cheryl Geness is currently the leader of Merite Mortgage International Brokers Ltd.

Cheryl Geness is currently the leader of Merite Mortgage International Brokers Ltd.   Cheryl has nearly 20 years of experience working in the financial service industry.  This Managing Director is skilled in negotiation, business relationship, management, and business growth.  Before taking the helm of Merite Mortgage International Brokers Ltd., Cheryl worked in the Government Sector, Private Sector and spent several years in the mortgage industry as an Agent, Broker and Managing Partner for some of the major Mortgage Brokerages.  She has built several successful teams over the years that generated millions of dollars in sales.  Further, her success and experience have enabled her to hone her technical proficiency, organization, and negotiation skills as she builds a thriving mortgage brokerage firm.     

Under her tutelage, Cheryl ensures Merite Mortgage International Brokers Ltd. is equipped with the technology, training and the connections that will make a team member of Merite Mortgage International Brokers Ltd. have a competitive edge in the industry.   She continuously encourages and reaffirms her team by stating one phrase on many occasions “I can only succeed if you do.”  However, she does not neglect the fact that leadership also needs to be situational because of the global interdependence of business and the diverse culture that the global aspect of business brings to the boardroom.  

Cheryl graduated from York University.  After completing her degree at York University, she studied Mortgage Brokering at Seneca College.  With strong affirmation that “knowledge is power” she strives for higher understanding in her chosen field, hence in her quest for knowledge, she further empowers herself with the challenge of constantly completing self-improvement courses.  Her success in business has also motivated her to continually be involved in her local community

Cheryl believes giving back to her community will help her achieve her goal of supporting the development of a community that all backgrounds/ethnicity will cherish and desire to live in. Her desire for community involvement has led her to become a member of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, where she holds the position of a Director and the Chair for the Government Affairs Committee.  

Cheryl’s philanthropic activities are displayed in her work in the local communities and abroad.  Her philanthropic work focuses on women’s needs, affordable living, and mental health.  

The dynamic leader’s spare time is spent reading, cooking and most importantly, spending time with her family. To Cheryl, her family is an accord of all things. She is grateful for their love, support, and states that they are the strong foundation that drives her towards success in all her achievements and future endeavors.  

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