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Even though there’s an overall volatility in the housing market across Canada, no-one can deny that properties are still selling at high prices. There are numerous lenders offering services. People still want to get into their first home, while others want to upgrade to a bigger home. However, changes in the mortgage industry have left many people unable to qualify for a loan.  

When you’re on the outside looking in at this multifaceted picture, the real estate market can reveal a complex environment. So having the right professional to help arrange your mortgage will be a great asset for you. 

At Merite Mortgage International Brokers Ltd. (MMIB), a growing international company with its head office located in Richmond Hill, we identify with the saying, ‘cream rises to the top .’  Put another way, the best of the best always stands out from the regular crowd. Our philosophy of work lets us demonstrate cream-of-the-crop thinking.  The service we provide to you, our client, must always be of the calibre that rises above the accepted standard, while simplifying your mortgage application process.

Working within meticulous industry guidelines, Merite Mortgage International Brokers Ltd.  finds ways to better serve you. We provide mortgage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

About Us

Our service comes with:


More Efficiency


More resourcefulness


Innovation that uniquely addresses your goals

Home without a mortgage is a radical statement in our industry. Our vision for you is to be mortgage-free sooner than you anticipate.

We’re a team of problem solvers, going out of our way to find ground-breaking solutions in response to the unique needs of our clients.

We have great relationships with a wide range of lenders – from institutional to private.

What makes us unique is we have fostered  EXCLUSIVE business relationships with some of the industry’s  untapped lenders . These are lenders that appreciate how we do business, and can meet our clients’ unique needs.

We offer added value

Credit counseling and financial consulting. These added services will help you to better settle your debts and more competently manage your money over the  long term. 

We are RITE there with YOU

Our professionals are available for your questions and concerns throughout the process. 

At Merite Mortgage International Brokers we make your goal our goal.

Clients come from all walks of life with diverse situations, some more demanding than others. We know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all; so we invest the time to consult with you as an individual. This ensures that we have a good understanding of your unique circumstances.

At the end of our consultation, we will know your needs and we will know which lender is best for you. In this way, you have an opportunity to save time and money . This type of efficiency can reduce possible stress factors. 

Current mortgage rates

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3 years fixed


5-Year ARM


5 Year Fixed


Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Very pleased with the professionalism of the team. They made refinancing my investment property as painless as possible. Amazing customer service. Made us feel like part of the team. BEST MORTGAGE EXPERIENCE EVER !!

They did a great job navigating this process during a pandemic. Very helpful and very fast to communicate. I would highly recommend. I would recommend Merite Mortgage to anyone of my friends or family.

I have had great experiences. I have done several refinances and mortgages with them and they were all great!! Everything went so smoothly.

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